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Ethereum Classic has no such plans, and intends to keep traditional mining on its own blockchain after Ethereum migrates. Like ETH, new ETC is issued to the circulating supply as a reward for miners as new blocks of transactions are added to the blockchain. Unlike ETH, which doesn’t have a fixed supply, ETC has a maximum supply of 210,700,000 ...


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Ethereum Classic price today is $19.45 with a 24-hour trading volume of $913,119,609. ETC price is down -8.7% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 130 Million ETC coins and a total supply of 211 Million. If you are looking to buy or sell Ethereum Classic, ...


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Dec 08, 2020  · Ethereum-Classic mining reward is the combination of four factors and we distribute these all types of rewards. 1) Block finding Reward: 3.2 ETC. 2) Transaction Fee: gas spent. 3) Uncle Reward: 2.8 ETC, 2.4 ETC, 2 ETC, 1.6 ETC, 1.2 ETC, 0.8 ETC. 4) Uncle inclusion incentive: 0.2 ETC, 0.1 ETC .


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The most profitable Ethereum Classic mining pool for GPU and ASIC. Regular payments, tutorials, reliable servers, rig monitoring bot. Fully compatible with Nicehash.


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Features Ethereum classic USD price, real-time charts, ethereum classic news and videos. Learn about ETC, crypto trading and more. Extra Time! …


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Ethereum Classic (ETC) was created in 2016 as the result of a spinoff (a.k.a. a "hard fork") of the original Ethereum network. Like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic is a decentralized computing network that supports smart contracts-essentially computer programs-that can automatically execute when certain conditions are met. Ethereum Classic aims to ...


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Ethereum Classic Mining Pool. Pool Hashrate. Blocks mined (last 24 hours) Miners. Workers. ETC Price. Features World-wide mining pool Regular payouts Nicehash compatible Friendly support Optimized infrastructure Email notifications Adjustable payout limit 3rd party apps: iOS/Android; Recent Blocks. Date Number Reward Miner-


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Ethereum Classic Mainnets Ethereum Mainnet POA Core xDai Chain Testnets ETC Kotti ETC Mordor Kovan Testnet LUKSO L14 testnet POA Sokol Other Networks RSK Mainnet / Search / Search. There was a problem loading the chart. Price Market Cap Average block time 11.9 seconds Total transactions


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What Is Ethereum Classic (ETC)? Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a hard fork of Ethereum (ETH) that launched in July 2016. Its main function is as a smart contract network, with the ability to host and support decentralized applications ().Its native token is ETC. Since its launch, Ethereum Classic has sought to differentiate itself from Ethereum, with the two networks’ technical …


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Welcome, and please be invited to discover the past, present and future of Ethereum Classic; it's principles, value proposition, community, and more - to understand why Classic. Let's Go. Latest Videos All Videos. ETCCC021: Funding Discussion, Open Develop via ETC DAO Progressing, ETC DeFi Stack on Horizon, Mining Pools Funding Clients.


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Jan 14, 2022  · Ethereum Classic Status. Blockchain data for Ethereum Classic (ETC), the most recently mined blocks, mempool, transactions, and addresses. General. Coin Ethereum Classic. Host 05fa0d4d33a0. Version / Commit / Build devel / e3a37f7 / 2022-01-14T09:24:10+00:00. Synchronized true. Mempool in sync true.


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Ethereum Classic (Etchash) mining calculator | Price: 18.49 USD | Difficulty: 306.2396T | Network hashrate: 23.7958 TH/s | Block reward: 2.5600 ETC | Check the list ...


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Low fee Ethereum Classic SOLO mining pool for GPU, ASIC and Nicehash. Fast payments, reliable servers, new block monitoring.


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Ethereum Classic Price Prediction . 2023. There is a possibility that Ethereum Classic can break through the $27.47 barrier and hold the market by the end of 2023.The lowest Ethereum Classic price will be between $22.64 to $27.47, and the most likely Ethereum Classic price will be steady at around $25.51 by the end of 2023.Despite Ethereum Classic's wild swings in …


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Mar 02, 2021  · For example, “ETH” is the symbol for Ethereum, and “ETC” is the symbol for Ethereum Classic. • Block Explorer URL (optional): MetaMask has links to blockchain explorers per network to check account history, new transactions sent, and balances on them, so here you would add a block explorer for the network you want to add.


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Live Ethereum Classic prices from all markets and ETC coin market Capitalization. Stay up to date with the latest Ethereum Classic price movements and forum discussion. Check out our snapshot charts and see when there is an opportunity to buy or sell.


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Ethereum Classic is the result of the separation of the Ethereum network. The split happened in 2016 after a hacker found a hole in the project's code. This led to a loss of $50 million in Ethereum. As a result, there was a community split that branched out and created a new Ethereum. Thus, 2 currencies ETH and ETC appeared on the network.


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The Ethereum Classic mining profitability results and mining rewards were calculated using the best ETC mining calculator with the following inputs. How many Ethereum Classic can you mine a day? Based the mining hardware inputs provided, 0.35977563 Ethereum Classic can be mined per day. After deducting mining power costs and mining fees, the ...


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Discover the best and most profitable mining pool for Ethereum Classic (ETC). We benchmark the mining pools so you can maximize your mining income. Best Ethereum Classic Mining Pools for 2022 - PoolWatch.io


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Apr 18, 2019  · Ethereum classic often features as one of the most profitable coins to mine. Below is a screenshot from the ETC mining calculator. Ethereum Classic Profitability on WhattoMine. As you can see, the required hashrate in order to breakeven for your mining is only 56 Mh/s at the time of this post. This is almost half of that for the hashpower ...


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May 07, 2021  · Ethereum blockchain allows users to create DApps (Decentralized Applications) and deploy smart contracts. To use ETH blockchain developers need to use ETH as fuel. Mining provides the fuel to run application on the Ethereum network. Mining ETH is a great way to profit from one of the top cryptocurrencies. Unlike other GPU mineable altcoins ...